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Speedy Circuits
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Get HDI-SBUs in a week's time.


Working on a tight schedule?
No problem. Just hurry your project off to us and we'll do the rest.

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"We want you to know that we really appreciate the outstanding service that your company is providing. Your prompt deliveries, responsiveness and quality of your products are satisfactory."
- D. Eiamlamai, P.M., Celestica Thailand

"Speedy Circuits means Speed in terms of delivery lead time with very good quality. Our company has been doing business with Speedy Circuits since 2005 and I have hardly known they are late in delivery. Their support is excellent. I have done business with many PCB vendors for 20 years for prototypes and production. Speedy Circuits comes first in ranking for making prototype boards."
- Rajan, CA, USA


We go by the numbers
aiming for most number of stacked layers, or least number of days in fulfilling
an order.

But the most important number of all is

For you're
Our #1 Priority


  • One total solution
  • PCB fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • One big in-house facility
  • 1-5 days fabrication turnaround time
  • 24/7 production schedule
  • 36+ PCB processing stations
  • 60+ dedicated engineers
  • 400+ strong workforce

Providing fastest production
turnaround solution

Layer count

Fastest turnaround time (no. of working days)

Order size



up to 2000



up to 1500



up to 1000



up to 500

PCB Sample Prototype Quick Turn PCB HDI PCB Layout

Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing Rigid-Flexible PCB Manufacturer Panasonic Megatron 6

Placing an order
is as easy as

1, 2, 3.


Flex PCB Manufacturer ROGERS RO4350 Heavy Copper PCB


Metal Core PCB HDI PCB Design Rigid Flexible PCB

Panasonic Megatron 6

Have the boards you ordered shipped in a timely manner

and with excellent quality


            100% HDI-SBU In-house Process

1. Applies black (or brown) oxide surface copper.


2. Creates laser via holes.


3. Analyzes formed laser via holes using micro-section and microscope (CY-930A).


4. Removes black (or brown) oxide from surface of copper (0.35~0.45 mil thick).


5. Removes hydrocarbon residues on capture pads using plasma desmear.


6. Examines surface of captured pads using AOI inspection.


7. Applies chemical desmear: alkaline permanganate cycle.


8. Fills vias with conductive plating and circuitizes.



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Metal Core PCB

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Heavy Copper PCB

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Address: No. 136-1, Shie-yuan Rd., Chungli, Taoyuan County 32057, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: 886-3-451-8148 ext. 281-289    Fax: 886-3-455-9570

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