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Are You Fed Up With Dealing With Those Unreliable Board Shops ?

You know… the ones who unintentionally or intentionally:
●Fail to bring up any design discrepancies… resulting in the scrapping or rebuilding of your pc boards… costing you additional  time and money. Or…
●Fail to deliver your Quick-Turn-Around (QTA) projects as promised…  causing you to miss your assembly schedule. Or…
●Run you around (and waste your time) in unnecessary debugging…  all because the problem was caused by using pc boards of questionable quality.

Or maybe you are suffering these problems.  For example, one of our newest customers, Sharon Beck from R Squared Circuits, writes:

I am currently working with a shop in China but have not been happy with the lack of service.  I asked for 11 quotes in the last week and have not received any quotes.  Everything I have the shop quote on is an order already.  None of the quotes I send are bid-for-bid type of quotes.  Therefore, when I send out a quote I already have the order in my hands and need to fill it.  I cannot afford the delays I have been experiencing.

Some of our other recent customers』 complaints about Chinese board shops were similar like:
They can’t tell me when my order will be shipped.
They don’t even answer my technical questions.
If you are feeling frustrated and helpless because of these problems… then for you we have a solution.

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