• 400+ strong workforce 
  • 60+ dedicated engineers
  • 36+ PCB processing stations
  • 24/7 production schedule
  • 1-5 day turnaround
  • 1-50 layer count
  • 1 big in-house facility


End-to-end Solution

Every order of PCB or IC substrate reaching our new 70,000 sq-ft two-story manufacturing facility is processed in-house from start to finish, be it single-sided, double-sided, multilayer standard, flexible, or rigid-flex HDI-SBU board, or ceramic, microwave, or metal substrate. Not a single process is outsourced or subcontracted so the chance of quality being compromised is nil. Moreover, fabrication of every order can be completed in the minimum amount of time possible.
Operating 36 different PCB processing stations, we boast advanced systems and equipment, like InCAM system, LDI, AOI, and various high-tech processing tools, to effectively handle complex prototyping projects. We also perform inspection and test that conform to IPC-A-600 Class II and Class III.

In-house Fabrication Systems, Tools & Equipment

Engineering & photo lab:

ParCam (IGI), and InCAM (Orbotech) CAM systems, EIE SWISS laser plotter RP200-NT, auto developing machines, semi-auto exposure machine, and pin gauges.

Drilling station:

NC drilling machine (52 spindles)
Pre-treatment (belt scrubbing & micro-etch)
Laser drill (Mitsubishi-ML605GTW II-H)
X-ray (registration controller)


SONGTEX pre-cleaning scrubber, Hellen automated thin copper etching line, Permanerganate Desmear, PTH & copper panel plating line, plasma desmear, and chemical lab.


UV exposure machine
LDI (laser direct image)
Thin core pre-treatment line
Thin core etch/strip line
CCD camera (punch A/W)
Dry film laminator
Automatic dry film laminator
Thin core dry film developing line

Multilayer processing:

Automatic black oxide line, manual prepreg cutting machines, various VIGOR hot and cold laminating presses, and AbleTek dual x-ray target drilling system (ADT-900XP2).

Stripping/etching processes:

Pioneer auto resist-strip/etching/solder-strip lines.

Solder Mask:

TA Chen semi-automatic printing machines,
manual printing equipment, Chi Sun 7KW exposure machines, and automated optical alignment exposure machine (CBT 8KW) and LED direct imaging (screen)

Board finishing:

Immersion gold plate (ENIG), Soft bondable gold electroplating and hard gold electroplating, Nickel electroplating, HASL(Pb/Sn), HASL(Pb-free), Immersion silver, TIN and OSP.

Machining and Routing:

Li Song automatic CNC routers, various An Dey automatic CNC routers, beveler, and Shin Gang automatic V-grooving machine.

Legend and Marking (nomenclature):

TA Chen manual printing units and Sunrall oven machines
UV exposure machine (3 KW) for stencil
Inkjet legend printer (Sprint-100 Orbotech)

Bare Board Test:

Dedicated tester (SINK)
Flying probe type testers :
Emma (ELX6146-limitation by 5 mils)
Emma (E4M6151-limitation by 2 mils)
Mania (U8-board size 24; x 27; max.)

PCBA Services: With Linetech's PCB assembly line integrated into our business, we now provide quick turnaround solution for PCBA as well.



Component specs limitations

BGA (smallest pitch): 0.25 mm; smallest passive: 01005; connector: 7.8 cm (max.)

Component type


SMT machine accuracy

High-speed (+/-0.07 mm)
Multipurpose (+/-0.04 mm)


Board Gallery

Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing Panasonic Megtron 6

Heavy Copper PCB Rigid Flexible PCB

ROGERS RO4350 PCB Sample Prototype

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer HDI PCB Design

Heavy Copper PCB

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